About us Founded in 1995

Xinchang Kaiyuan Automotive Bearings Co., Ltd is located at Provincial High-Tech Industrial Zone, Xinchang city, Zhejiang Province, a new tourism area with convenient transportation access, very near to Hangzhou and Ningbo city.


We have Four Plants Factory floor area


Number of employees

9 Million pcs

Production Capacity


Recognition of Top Customers Worldwide

WHAT WE DO Values and Mission

Our mainMajor mMarkets: North America, Europe, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia

Our mMission: Be a powerful player, seek a win-win solution, invigorate China, serve global.

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Media center our products are widely used

Create continuous value for customers Create opportunities for employees to become the industry stealth champion and respected!

Our commitment

Specializing in the production of automotive wheel bearings, hub units.

Strengthen enterprises, colleagues and win-win, rejuvenate China, serve the world.