How to scientifically store imported bearings


Imported bearing is a kind of precise mechanical object […]

Imported bearing is a kind of precise mechanical object. With the long distance of transportation, the requirements for bearing storage and storage are very strict. The temperature and relative humidity of the storage room must be controlled to prevent too much temperature change (but the effect of seasonal temperature change is not Big). Therefore, regardless of temperature, humidity, and packaging are performed in accordance with the requirements of the specification. So what is the scientific storage bearing?

1. Storage room requirements
(1) Clean and dry
(2) Prevent air flow
(3) Air conditioning is recommended if the relative temperature of the storage room is greater than 75%.
(4) Prevent vibration
(5) Keep the temperature constant (the temperature change in 48 hours is not more than 3°C)
(6) The bearing is coated with anti-rust oil before leaving the factory. Temperature is too low or too high can cause the anti-rust oil to deteriorate. The room temperature should be controlled at 0-25°C.
(7) Regular inspection: According to the rust prevention requirements of bearing products, it should be checked once every 10-12 months. If it is found that the oil seal has rust, the oil seal should be repacked.

2. Temperature and humidity
(1) As long as the relative humidity of the warehouse does not exceed 60%, the temperature changes little, and the bearing can be stored in the original package for a long time.
In clean air with a relative humidity of less than 50%, rust and corrosion do not occur on bare surfaces.
Increased humidity increases the likelihood of corrosion, especially when the air relative humidity is greater than 75%.
(2) Bearings with seals or dust caps may be affected by the characteristics of bearing grease after long-term storage.

3. Storage of large bearings
The correct storage method for large bearings can only be laid flat, that is, the bearings are placed in a horizontal position, and the entire side of the bearing ring should be supported.
If the bearing is placed in a vertical position, due to the relatively small thickness of the bearing ring, the weight of the bearing ring and the rolling element may cause permanent deformation of the bearing.
The scientific storage of the bearing is very important. If it is improperly stored and causes bearing rust to die or the bearing is corroded, then it is not good. Even if there is no damage to the surface, there may be such a failure during bearing operation, so it must be Take care of the bearing storage.